Gowld Art Centre presents regular programs on arts, physical education, and soft skills that strengthen the aesthetic, cognitive, and spiritual power. GAC lesson plan consists of 10 individual regular classes below, selected, and customized to each individual’s tendency, standard, and preferences.


Art is the window of the world and the mirror of the mind. Creative activities through art relieve stress, increase concentration, and promote creative and logical thinking that can interpret the world from different perspectives.

Gowld Art Centre provides technique-based, theme-based, and healing-based classes to access art from various angles and to maximize the endless positive effects of art education and improve the quality of life. All of the session includes the time of reflective speaking to look back on one's thoughts.

Our Arts curriculum is largely categorized into five themes – People, Animal, Environment, and Manmade Creations, which are further broken down into granular topics. For art lessons at our studio, we hold one “Inspiration session” for every new topics introduced. The Inspiration sessions equip the students the relevant art history or background knowledge, catalyzing discussions and encouraging critical thinking before creating artworks on the topic.


Healing-based class

Technique-based class

Technique-based class

Technique-based class focuses on building basic art skills by utilising various mediums and artistic styles. The class teaches students to learn how to use the toolbox to visualise their expression and to hone the observation skills. The objective is to develop the left-brain functions that foster logical and critical thinking.

Theme-based class

Theme-based class aims to encourage independent thinking through discussions on open-ended topics. The class covers a wide range of cross-disciplinary themes from to creatively express their opinions with the skills they have learnt in the technique-based class. The focus is on developing the right-brain functions that foster intuition, expression, and creativity.

Healing-based class

Healing-based class is not for skill development but rather for reinforcement of inner health. The reflection of oneself through art encourages self-understanding and purifiesthe negative emotion or internal conflicts which could be difficult to be put into words. In this class, the processes are more important than the result.


Physical Education

Physical Education Program aims to improve motor skills, mental power and the understanding of one's body. The P.E. program supports the physical growth and developments of the functions of each parts of the body, building basic/special strength, relieving stress, as well as stabilising emotions to develop a positive self-identity. The Gowld Arts Centre offers physical training, boxing, yoga dance, football, fencing and lightsaber class.


Physical Training Class

Physical Training Class is designed to improve overall motor skills and basic physical strength through a variety of whole body exercises. The basic physical strength consists of power, stamina, agility, balance, and flexibility. Gowld Art Centre's Physical Training Class includes practices of bodyweight exercise, jump rope, ladder drills etc.

Boxing Class

Boxing class is a high-intensity training that brings all the muscles of the body into active play. Boxing strengthens the cardiorespiratory function, improve coordination between hands, eyes, and legs, enhance balance and agility. Gowld Art Centre's boxingclass covers basic boxing skills, shadow boxing, use of the sandbag, and self-defense skills.

Yoga Dance Class

Yoga Dance Class balances your body, improves flexibility, and purifies your mind. Yogahas the effect of stabilising the mind through its breathing method, releasing toxins and wastes in the body to strengthen the internal organs. Yoha also helps you to improve on concentration, control power, and regulation abilities. Gowld Art Centre utilises music and singing balls to combine yoga with slow movements.

Football Class

*visiting only

Football class is designed to practice ball control including dribbling, passing, shooting,  kicking,  trapping, and receiving using all parts of body except arms and hands. The class helps to boost agility, coordination and stamina of the students. Gowld Art Centre provides both private and group lesson.

saber Class

*studio only

Fencing/Lightsaber class is a class to master the sword techniques. The class requires ahigh level of concentration, agility and strategic thinking and is particularly effective forbuilding lower body strength.

Soft Skill Training

*studio only

Soft skills refer to the set of abilities to effectively communicate and collaborate with others to solve problems through critical thinking. People with soft skills can express their thoughts confidently and logically, while respecting and accepting the opinions of others. Gowld Art Center guides students to think critically, to logically express one's opinion and to collaborate with the team members to discuss the realm of cultures such as language, music and books.


Group Communication Class

*studio only

Group communication class is designed to promote group discussion and interaction between the group members to understand each other's role in the team, collectively solve a given problem, and to achieve a common goal. Group communication class covers collaborative problem solving, peer counseling, and music communication.

Self Expression Class

*studio only

Self-expression class teaches how to effectively and confidently communicate one's feelings and thoughts to others. Those who can express themselves in clear and direct language naturally knows to listen to others' messages, rather than ignoring opposing opinions or unilaterally instructing others in a conflicting situation. Self-expression classcovers public debate and presentation, reflective writing, and the interpretation of contemporary culture.


Music is a powerful tool to develop a keen auditory sense, as well as to understand and express oneself with sound. Gowld Art Centre gives students the opportunity to experience music from diverse angles – apart from merely practicing the skills of playing musical instruments, students are encouraged to learn the history of different musical genres, identify their own musical style, and compose their own songs.

Guitar Class

Learn to play the acoustic guitar at GAC. If you are a beginner, learn the basic chords and strokes; if you are a skilled guitarist, learn to explore different styles and compose your own songs.

Music Composition

Use music to express your own thoughts – this course is to guide you through the process of music making experience from the baseline. Learn to arrange and layer different notes, build sounds and chords, and create your unique music.

Course Fee


Course Schedule

Gowld Art Center provides flexible lesson arrangements, but the teachers’ availability depends on the student’s age group. Please contact us for more information if you wish to start a new lesson plan.


For the studio lessons, 5% discount is available per family when attending more than two lessons per week