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Regular Courses

We provide regular class programs and short programs for all age groups in Visual Arts, Physical Education, Music and Liberal Arts.


Our lessons are structured and customized to each individual's capability, personality, and preferences to maximize learning and joy!

Regular Courses

Suitable for students and individuals who are looking for regular weekly classes to build technique and to explore different arts and themes.

  • Available as visiting classes

  • Pay on a monthly basis

  • Join open classes anytime!

Short Courses

Suitable for individuals who wants to try something new on a project basis, or to achieve a defined goal through a short term program of between 2-4 weeks.

  • Commit to your chosen program only

  • Program opens when we find the minimum number of participants

If you are looking for one-day classes and workshops, take a look at our workshop page here!


Regular Course

Visual Arts

GAC provides an integrated art program as well as streams of specialized art programs.


The integrated art program covers foundational art skills, exploration of medium and style, imagination and visualization abilities, as well as the healing and expressive aspects of art.


We believe in the limitless positive effects of visual art, and we aim to maximize the benefits by assessing art from various angles.


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Sports & Fitness

Our Sports & Fitness Program aims to build the confidence and competence for people of any age.


The program covers a wide range of objectives such as the overall development of the physical capacities, fundamental movement skills, as well as athleticism.


Our program is customizable to each students' capabilities and needs.


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Liberal Arts

GAC Liberal Arts course is a cross-disciplinary study that trains creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking abilities through elective programs.

Our coverage of disciplines include languages and soft skills, archeology, drama, world history, art history and so on. Students will learn how to utilize the knowledge to formulate opinion and arguments in both verbal and written form. 

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GAC believes that music and sound are powerful and effective communication tools, and that good education involves all senses.


Our music classes are open, inspirational and fun. We customize classes that are well balanced between technical skills, exposure to various music cultures, and self-expression so that we provide an all-rounded knowledge of music.


We have a pool of teachers who specialize in piano, violin, guitar, vocal and many more; class levels are suitable for everyone, beginners to professionals.

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If you are looking for one-day classes and or short courses, take a look at our short courses page here!

Course Schedule

Below is our studio class schedule. Please contact us for registration to existing classes and/ or for opening up new classes!

Class Codes (Frequency)

  • R: Regular weekly classes (register monthly)

  • S: Short course - 2-4 weeks (register per course)

  • W: Workshops and other one-off events​

Class Groups

  • Group A: Adult

  • Group B: 15-18 years old

  • Group C: 12-14 years old

  • Group D: 9-11 years old

  • Group E: 6-8 years old 

  • Group F: 3-5 years old