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4 weeks online course to learn music composition using Garage band iOS

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This is a 4 weeks online basic course to learn everything you need to get started with Garageband iOS and music production with a professional music producer! Garageband is a simple and engaging interface which is perfect for beginners who are just getting started with music composition & production. GAC 推出為期 4 週的初學者音樂作曲課程! 與專業音樂製作人一起學習開始使用 Garageband IOS 和音樂製作所需的一切! Garageband 是一個簡單而引人入勝的界面,非常適合剛開始製作音樂的初學者。 This course is suitable for kids & teens (6 above). Course Objective: Lesson 1: Garageband Anatomy & Music Composing & Arranging Basics Lesson 2: Learn about keys, scale & chord, harmony and how to add drum beats and key board sounds Lesson 3: Add the bass and melody with other instruments including strings, bells, vocal and sound effects Lesson 4: Composing, mixing & jamming. Learn about different genres & styles, and learn about bottom up & top down approach of music composition 課程包括: 第 1 週 - Garageband 基本理解,音樂作曲與編曲基礎 第 2 週 - 了解音調、音階和和弦/和聲,並添加鼓節拍和鍵盤 第 3 週 - 使用其他樂器添加低音和旋律,包括弦樂、鈴鐺、人聲和音效 第 4 週 - 作曲、混音和即興演奏。了解不同的流派和風格,了解自下而上和自上而下的作曲方法 Instructor: Mabel Ki, is an award-winning composer with over two decades of experience in the music industry. Her specialty is music post-scoring for TV commercials and videos, including for Coca-Cola and Disneyland. Her education in digital music production and music technology came from both on-the job training as well as a Master Certificate in Arranging from the Berklee College Of Music. 講師:Mabel Ki 是一位屢獲殊榮的作曲家,在音樂行業擁有超過二十年的經驗。 她的專長是為電視廣告和視頻(包括可口可樂和迪斯尼樂園)進行音樂後期配樂。 她在數碼音樂製作和音樂技術方面的教育,來自於在職培訓以及伯克利音樂學院的編曲碩士學位。 * The course is can be conducted in English and Cantonese. * Flexible timeslot available for group booking. * For booking inquiry, please DM us at Instagram @gowldart, or send us an email at *其他時段可用於團體預訂。

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For booking inquiry, please DM us at Instagram @gowldart, or send us an email at Once booking is confirmed, GAC will reach out to you (on your email) to proceed payment (available in cash, account transfer, and Payme). Once payment is done, it is considered final and non-refundable. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please reach out to us at least 24 hours in advance to discuss the possible options.

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