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2020 - 2021

About GAC

Gowld Art Centre is a Hong Kong based creative space that aims to facilitate arts ecology and promote arts education in Asia. Since 2017, GAC has been actively hosting exhibitions, classes, and workshops. GAC hosted a joint exhibition between the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Ewha Womans University, Korea, in 2019. GAC is also currently holding more than 100 classes all over Hong Kong. For more information on our current and past activities, visit



Project Introduction

Supported by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Start-up Scheme (, We are recruiting the very first group of GAC artists to participate in a series of projects in 2020-2021. We are looking for artists in Hong Kong who are eager to share their works and ideas with the community. GAC believes that art can be the perfect mediator to connect art and communities as part of the aesthetic education of the city. Art can encourage people to think outside the box and to share different perspectives. The art community that GAC plans to build is organic and interactive in nature. In turn, through the projects, we hope to support our artist collaborators in terms of more public exposure, financial incentives and personal connections so we can all grow sustainably.




There are three sub-projects: (1) Pop-up Exhibition, (2) Art Book, (3) Workshops. GAC artists may participate in one or many of the sub-projects depending on the aptitude and suitability.


Pop-up Exhibition

Throughout December 2020 - February 2021, GAC will match the artists with restaurants, boutique shops, bookstores, cafes and more in the Wanchai District.

The selected GAC artists will showcase the artwork for a month at designated GAC partnered venues. GAC will promote the exhibition site as well as the artwork & artists and also facilitate sale of artworks if any. GAC will not only subsidize the installation of artwork but also offer remuneration for participation to the artists. We welcome artworks of any style and subject. Note that due to physical constraints of the exhibiting spaces (i.e. cafes and bookstores, etc.), there will be limits on a certain size, mediums and shapes. 


Art Book
GAC will curate and publish an Art Book, collecting images of your artworks, targeting to print in June 2021. GAC will collect artwork images of 30 selected artists. The theme and topics of the Art Book is to be disclosed to the selected artists only. GAC will promote the Art Book and the contained artwork & artists and also provide remuneration for the provision of artwork images to the artists. The Book Launching event is scheduled in July 2021.



Artists who are selected to participate in (1) Pop-up Exhibition or (2) Art Book will also be invited to host public workshops at the GAC studio site in Quarry Bay. It would be in the format of workshops/forums/classes and GAC will help with organizing and promoting.


This Open Call is aimed at Hong Kong-based artists, artist collectives and creative professionals.


GAC is looking for up to 20 artists for the pop-up exhibition, and up to 30 artists for the art book, which are not mutually exclusive.



Submission period: Sep 26 2020 - November 30 2020

Please send us your application as soon as possible for processing.

What to submit: your CV/biography and portfolio

Please also attach your artist notes along with your artwork images.


Please send before the deadline by e-mail to


For any questions, please reach out to us at


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