Gowld Art Centre presents regular programs on Arts, Physical Education, Music and Liberal Arts that strengthen the aesthetic, cognitive, and spiritual power. GAC lesson plan consists of 10 individual regular classes selected and customized to each individual's capability, personality, and preferences.

Visual Arts Program

GAC Visual Arts is an integrated art program covering foundational art skills, exploration of medium and style, imagination and visualisation abilities, as well as the healing and expressive aspects of art. We believe in the limitless positive effects of visual art, and we aim to maximize the benefits by assessing art from various angles.


GAC Visual Arts program includes below focal points:


Be inspired by nature & daily life, learn to observe the form and color of things, and translate them into a visual form to practice accuracy and delicacy.

Language of Art:

Learn and explore the basic elements of art and various medium to expand the spectrum of art.


Be inspired by artists by learning their background and past works - learn to analyze and reinterpret their artistic styles.

Creative Expression:

Learn and find your ‘self' - express your feelings, experiences and thoughts through art.

Our Visual Arts program includes below subjects:

Integrated Art


Exam Preparation

Western Calligraphy

Art Therapy


Physical Education (P.E.) Program

GAC P.E. program aims to build the confidence and competence for children of any age. The program covers a wide range of objectives such as the overall development of the physical capacities, fundamental movement skills, as well as athleticism. Our program is customizable to each students' capabilities and needs.

Our P.E. program includes below classes:

General Physical Training

A combination of games, sports, athletic drills, and strength exercises to keep children physically engaged and challenged indoor.


Outdoor classes to train skills and play mini-games. Our football class is not just about the techniques, but also about integrating the learning experience of sportsmanship, interaction, and teamwork.



Training to strengthen both the body and mind. Boxing is great for building healthy self-esteem and confidence, and boxing skills can also complement the other sports students may play.

Learning of the balances of your body, flexibility, and purification of your mind. Yoga provides a healing experience but also trains up your core strength.


Zumba is a fun, high-intensity cardiovascular workout involving a mixture of different dances.

Liberal Arts Course

GAC Liberal Arts course is a cross-disciplinary study that trains creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking abilities through elective programs in language, archeology, drama, chinese history and art history. Students will learn how to utilize the knowledge to formulate opinion and arguments in both verbal and written form. 


Our Liberal Arts course includes below focuses: 


Learn the basic tools - phonics and grammar to develop your vocabulary bank and to build the foundation of formulating arguments and opinion. Suitable for young students or those new to English. 

Inspiration & Reflection:

Be stimulated by the diverse questions and knowledge from the elective courses, learn different perspectives and practice creative and reflective writing. 

Critical & Logical Thinking:

Present your ideas logically and share them with others through discussion and debate sessions. Learn to support your thoughts with personal experience as well as external research. 

Our Liberal Arts program includes below subjects:



Chinese History

Art History


Music Program

Music and sound are powerful and effective communication tools, and GAC believes that good education involves all senses. Our music classes are open, inspirational and fun. We customize classes that are well balanced between technical skills, exposure to various music cultures, and self-expression so that we provide an all-rounded knowledge of music. We have a pool of teachers who specialize in piano, violin, guitar, vocal and many more; classes suitable for 5 years old to adults.


Our Music program includes below focal points:


Be inspired by the different genres of music and their historical backgrounds. Explore different musical instruments and acoustic arrangements with us.


Practice composing and performing your own musical piece, honing your improvisation skills and developing your own style.

Language of Music:

Learn the basics of music - rhythm, time, notes, tone, harmony and chords to build the fundamental composition of music.


Learning of the balances of your body, flexibility, and purification of your mind. Drill into the technical skills of your instrument and practice notation reading. Provides a healing experience but also trains up your core strength.

Our Liberal Arts program includes below subjects:



Vocal / Accapella / Beatbox


Music Production

Music Therapy

Course Fee

Centre Tuition Fee:


* 25% additional fee is applied for 1:1 lesson.
* 5% discount available per family when attending more than two lessons per week.

Visiting Lesson Tuition Fee:


*5% discount available per family when attending more than two lessons per week.
*10% discount available per family when attending more than three lessons per week.

Course Schedule

Gowld Art Center provides flexible lesson arrangements, but the teachers’ availability depends on the student’s age group. Please contact us for more information if you wish to start a new lesson plan.


For the studio lessons, 5% discount is available per family when attending more than two lessons per week