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Youth Boxing

GAC's professional and experienced coach provides courses of boxing training suitable for youth aged between 6-18 years old.

Boxing training provides a martial arts learning experience for youth to train their physical strength and stamina, develop their body coordination, and boost their confidence and ability to focus and concentrate.

Youth Group Class

Monthly membership plan for maximum flexibility.

At a monthly fee, we offer an unlimited number of small group classes that are open to the age group. This brings the fee down to as low as 75HKD per class!

Class Schedule

  • Mon, Wed, Fri: 5:15-6:15PM (6-12 y/o), 6:15-7.45PM (12-18 y/o)

  • Thu: 5:15-6:15PM (6-12 y/o)

  • Sat: 11AM-12PM (6-12 y/o), 12-1.30PM (12-18 y/o)

  • English/ Cantonese

Book a trial class at 100HKD to meet the coach and find your timeslots to join. Don't miss to get a 20% discount on your first 3 months!

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