Gowld Art Center is a social enterprise.

Our mission is to serve the unmet social needs around building soft power in HK by using arts as the medium.


Our focus is in nurturing youth - we define youth as anyone who has open and youthful enthusiasm to continue their journey in the creative field. 

GAC serves the community with quality learning programs in Arts, P/E, Music, and other cross-disciplinary subjects that are accessible and affordable.

Our curriculum is designed in a way to broaden the horizons of the participants to assist their self-reflection and self-realization, reinforcing the inner strength and soft power of the local community.

GAC is currently supported by the Chinese University Social Enterprise program to fine tune our business for long-term sustainability as well as to provide creative learning experience for the underprivileged students in HK.

We also organize public exhibitions and cultural events for greater impact.

Read more about our past events below!


Our Impact Partners

GAC is a registered as a social enterprise under SEBC HK. GAC also supports the practice of giving and volunteering by partnering with other NGOs and social impact partners.


We are currently partnering with Time Auction to donate our program experiences for volunteers that support NGOs in Hong Kong.

GAC is also the Life & Career Education (LCE) event partner of Teach for Hong Kong to provide our online & offline classes and workshops to the underprivileged students in HK.


GAC is the awardee of 2020-2021 CUSE Fund, supported by the CUHK iCare Social Enterprise Startup Scheme. We have also been supported by the Cultural & Leisure Services Committee of the Wan Chai District Council and M.A. in Cultural Management Programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.