Gowld Art Centre is originated from the Chinese character , which contains the meaning of enlightenment and mastery of skills through the realisation from vision.


It is our mission to create an optimal atmosphere and system for students to experience enhanced learning of sensory perception (), to hone their discretionary quality (知覺) to decide and act according to one's own judgment, and to cultivate the power to reflect on oneself and develop self-awareness (自覺).

Gowld Art Centre was founded in 2017 by Kaisha Woo to facilitate arts ecology and promote arts education in Asia. Under GAC, a group of educated professionals from diverse backgrounds who are sharing the same passion are working together to push forward the goal. The multi-cultural background of our teachers allows us to reach out to wider community with lessons available in various languages.

Gowld Art Centre presents regular programs on arts, physical education and soft skills to assist our members to look after their mind, body and spirit. We aim to maximise the quality of learning experience through customised lesson plans based on each individual.