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Gowld Art Centre, "GAC", is originated from the Chinese character 覺, which contains the meaning of enlightenment and mastery of skills through the realization from vision.

GAC pursues to become the mediator of arts in HK to act as the bridge between creativity and people by providing arts education and by building broad and diverse art communities.


GAC values the power of love. We believe that practicing arts in life and life in arts can activate love and inner knowing to discover true self, as arts can function as the mirror of mind and the window of expression.

GAC believes that with more people expressing themselves in their own unique colors through arts, regardless of their age, gender, social status nor occupation, Hong Kong can develop the soft power it needs to build its diverse bottom-up local culture.


GAC pursues to act as the mediator of arts in Hong Kong to put the bridge between creativity and people, and contribute to the foundational process of reinforcing Hong Kong’s soft power for the city to find its balance as well as to become the true hub of art in Asia that it had long aspired to be.

It is our vision to create an optimal atmosphere and platform for people to experience enhanced learning of sensory perception (感覺), to hone their discretionary quality (知覺) to decide and act according to one's own judgment, and to cultivate the power to reflect on oneself and develop self-awareness (自覺).

Meet the Team

Meet GAC's Program Development Team!

We are a group of passionate and diverse minds that try our best to spread artistry through different disciplines and to make an impact on every individual we connect with.

Stay tuned for more information about our teachers! 

Kaisha Woo GAC

"I believe  in
the humanity"

Kaisha Woo

The Engine

Visual Arts

  • Driven

  • Spontaneous

  • Big Picture

Jason Cheung GAC

"Let's get it!"

Jason Cheung

The Wheels

P.E. & Fitness

  • Boxer

  • Robust

  • Consistent

Vivian Seo GAC

"As you like :)"

Vivian Seo

The Gears

Liberal Arts

  • Soft skills

  • Meticulous

  • i.e. Seatbelt

Brian Cheng GAC

"We gonna
have a party"

Brian Cheung

The Window


  • Explorative

  • No boundaries

  • Free soul

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