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Teens (12-18 y/o)

For teenagers around 12-18 years old, GAC provides customised art portfolio course to help students prepare for their university admissions.

Art Portfolio Course

Be prepared to seek studies & career in visual arts and design.

GAC's Art Portfolio Course is designed to prepare students with strong foundations to get ready for university admissions. We provide support for GCSE, A-Levels, IB, DSE, and more.


This course is customised to each student's level to cover fundamental drawing and painting skills as well as brainstorming and creative composition.

We also guide students to participate in international art competitions and also provide relevant internship experiences for the students to enrich their artistic experiences.

Class Schedule

  • Studio class available every Tue-Fri (2-8pm) and Sat (2-6pm)

  • English/ Korean/ Mandarin

  • Flexible duration: 2hr (450HKD)/ 3hr (570HKD)/ 4hr (700HKD)

Student Portfolio Reference
(Author: Sophia Pyo) Not for further distribution

Book a 1:1 consultation session to take the Art Aptitude Test to assess which class the student should take with GAC!

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