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Boxing class


GAC's professional and experienced coach provides personal & group sessions of boxing training and sparring suitable for all levels.


Monthly membership plan for maximum flexibility.

At a monthly fee, we offer an unlimited number of small group classes that are open to the age group. This brings the fee down to as low as 75HKD per session!

Classes are conducted in English/ Cantonese


  • (Regular group boxing) Every Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sat - explore the service below to look at the available timeslots

  • (Sparring day) Every Thu: 6.30-9.30PM

Class/ Membership Fee

  • Trial class for newcomers: 150HKD (Regular group boxing)

  • Day Pass: 200HKD (Regular group boxing), 100HKD (Sparring day)

  • 1st month trial (unlimited): 800HKD

  • 1 month regular membership (unlimited): 1000HKD

  • 3 months regular membership (unlimited): 2800HKD

  • 6 months regular membership (unlimited): 4800HKD

Hear from our members

"Jason spent a lot of initial time teaching the basics - like how to throw a punch -and then he started putting in additional things like timing.

And then slowly we started with body sparring, then light sparring, and then full contact sparring - never too heavy, he (Jason) knows how to take it to my highest level.

I love it here, and hope you do as well!"


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