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Boxing & Muay Thai

GAC's professional and experienced coaches provide personal & group sessions of boxing and Muay Thai training suitable for all levels.


Monthly membership plan for maximum flexibility.

At a monthly fee, we offer an unlimited number of small group classes that are open to the age group. This brings the fee down to as low as 75HKD per session!


  • (Regular group boxing) Every Tue, Wed, Fri: 6:30-9.30PM | Sat: 11:00AM-1.30PM

  • (Sparring day) Every Thu: 6.30-9.30PM

  • English/ Cantonese

Class/ Membership Fee

  • Trial class for newcomers: 150HKD (Regular group boxing)

  • Day Pass: 200HKD (Regular group boxing), 100HKD (Sparring day)

  • 1st month trial (unlimited): 800HKD

  • 1 month regular membership (unlimited): 1000HKD

  • 3 months regular membership (unlimited): 2800HKD

  • 6 months regular membership (unlimited): 4800HKD