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colouring art

Colouring Art Jamming

We outline, you colour.

Stress-free yet satisfying!

Assign your own colors to your memories with GAC's colouring art jamming.

Are you looking for a new creative yet relaxing hobby?

Colouring Art Jamming is GAC's signature package suitable for any age or level to start the art journey. Experience the meditative state while experimenting with colours.

How does it work?

Your photo


1. Pick an image - send us your own images that you want to recreate! We also have more than 100 images you can choose from, including HK artists' original artworks and GAC originals photos.


2. Choose your medium - pick where you want to paint - DIY your unique postcards, canvas, or even a tote bag! 

3. Paint away - paint along the outlines we printed for you. You can choose to paint at our studio with guidance, or by yourself at home.

100+ original images available

Anything you like,

Postcard (A5)

Send your DIY postcards

to your loved ones!

Tote Bag

Design your one-and-only

canvas tote bag!


Display your artworks

on canvas

Anywhere you want.

Add-on Options - as you need

  • (At studio): instruction & guidance from a professional art teachers: 50 HKD for 15min

  • A5 wooden frame: 50 HKD/ each

  • Print on tote bag (36×21cm): 70hkd

  • Print on canvas(20x20cm): 50hkd

  • Print on canvas(20x30cm): 60hkd

  • Print on canvas(30x30cm): 70hkd

  • Print on canvas(30x40cm): 80hkd

  • one set of 4 postcards (pick your photo): 20 HKD

  • one set of 8 postcards (pick your photo): 30 HKD

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